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WalletLock - Wallet Lock

LifeLock Introduces WalletLock

LifeLock CEO Todd Davis announced on December 18, 2007 a new addition to their ID theft protection service - WalletLock. This new service will now be offered to all new and exisiting LifeLock clients.

What is WalletLock?

WalletLock provides you with a complete recovery service in the unfortunate event that you ever lose your wallet. If you lose your wallet all you need to do is pick up the phone and call a LifeLock specialist. They will start the process to have all lost or stolen credit cards, driver's license and any other important items cancelled and replaced.

What will WalletLock help me replace and cancel?

WalletLock will help with credit cards, atm cards, social security cards, your drivers license, insurance cards, passports, VISA, immigration docs, diplomas, checkbooks and travelers checks.

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